Strange two-pronged fork. About three feet long, heavy, and with a hook at the other end, it seems to be pretty old. Use or origin unknown, but possibly river-related. Found by Albert Bridge, Battersea.

Brick. This is a Gibbons No1 Fireclay, made in Dudley in the Black Country, England. Gibbons brickmakers was founded in 1834 and closed in 1987.

Anchor. Couldn’t be more anchor-like. Near Albert Bridge, Battersea.

Ancient clay pipe. Probably from the early 1800s. Found near Albert Bridge, Battersea.

Lucky heather. Except it’s not heather and it looks like a piece of lelylandi. It may have been packaged up by a gypsy, perhaps for sale at Vauxhall railway station - this was found on the Thames riverside nearby.

Spool. Found at Vauxhall.

Scaffolding part. EN74B is a size/gauge in the scaffolding trade.

Micro tape. Looks like some sort of undercover stuff; coincidentally found next to MI6 headquarters in Vauxhall on the south bank of the Thames.

Carling Black Label tin. These can be collectors items and go for about £5 a time.