Medicine bottles.

Coca-Cola bottle.

First World War bullet. This is a .303 British cartridge, stamped G15 VII, and was made in 1915 by Greenwood & Batley, an engineering company based in Leeds until its closure in 1980. In various forms, this bullet was the standard issue British military cartridge until the 1950s. This one appears to have been fired, as it is bent. But why should it be in the Thames rather than Flanders Fields?

Tobacco packet. Blurb about the manufacturer’s Native American logo: apparently it’s a ‘visual representation of all values we are bound to’ - values such as producing and marketing a product that directly kills people.

Piece of crockery.

Smart phone and holder. This also contained an Oyster Card, driving licence and bank card - probably all stolen and dumped into the river.

Tiny china teapot. About 1cm high. Possibly from a toy or collectors set.


Part of a fence.